RVN011​-​2 | Feeling C Remixes

by Jennifer Touch



A remix appendix to Jennifer Touchs last year EP-Debut on Riotvan. A record, on which essentially everything has already been said. That´s why it is not astonishing that the assemled adaptations do not necessarily evolve the sound narrative of „Feeling C“ but rather revitalise the spirit of the originals in various clubscenarios.

Best example is Curses reinterpretation of „Sell“. An uncomplicated and straightforward floor absorption with the base of a stoic kick and monotone bass foundation. What almost triggered Valerie Dore-Memories in the original version now seems to sound more like a Anne Clark-Hommage with the reduction and the very urged vocal parts.

An even more radical approach is chosen by Chinaski for his interpretation of the title track. The coarse beat substance is almost searching for a link-up to it´s source. But the reduced tempo, the all in all decelerated arrangement and the synthbass-drone that strides through the whole track, transform „Feeling C“ in a score that probably rotates high on Darth Vaders Playlist.

Panthera Krauses approach to „Wordless“ is comparatively careful. Also the break from the 4/4-frame and the reflection onto some of the more distinctive marks of the original. Not to miss: the shift into a different, a little more translucent frequency range.

Subsequent, it´s Touch himself, contributing a revision. Her remix of „No One“ could easily be interpreted as a dub-version. Reduction of the vocal parts, purification of the whole arrangement, explicit rhythm-emphasis. Less events on the surface. But a lot more bounce.

Concluding is another version of „Wordless“, this time from Llewellyn, who lets his already on Riotvans last publication shown sympathy for washed-out Disco-Tradition get the upper hand again. Herefor he invokes of a Synth-Arpeggio as well as a every resistance breaking beat that will find it´s safe place in the more aesthetic segments of todays obvious Disco-House-boom.


released November 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Riotvan Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig based record label run by Peter Invasion and co-owned by Panthera Krause. Distribution and mailorder for all releases worldwide is handled by Muting The Noise.

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